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Hormone Balancing–the Rest of the All Natural Curves' Story

Drug manufacturers are largely responsible for the negative side effects associated with estrogen replacement therapy. It's an old story: Drug company chemists take a natural substance, synthesize it and add a few chemical changes so that it can be patented as a new entity. The problem with this approach is twofold: 1) Synthetic single molecules are devoid of co-factors that enhance or modulate their activity; and 2) No matter how innocuous, chemically-altered substances are foreign to the body.

The makers of Premarin (the best-selling estrogen drug) like to refer to their product as "natural." "Premarin" is short for "pregnant mares-urine." Premarin is made by keeping artificially inseminated horses in stalls with collection bags strapped over their anatomy in order to collect their urine, which is then made into the drug. If the human consumption of horse urine is natural, then Premarin is natural.

The major side effects of Premarin include cancer and gallbladder disease. Among the "minor" side effects are urine breath, candidiasis, bleeding, depression, edema, hair loss, and vomiting. Women who add the synthetic progesterone "Provera" to their estrogen therapy expose themselves to additional side effects including blood clots in the brain and heart, insomnia, and skin disorders.

Other pharmaceutical non-urine-based estrogens start out as yams, but are "engineered" by chemists. They are known as "semi-synthetic" hormones. The problem with these types of drugs is that they are so refined, that natural enzymes which aid the body in utilizing the drugs are completely lacking. This causes serious side effects, as huge amounts of the non-natural substance flood the body without mediating factors. In addition, as with cortisone, the body down regulates its own synthesis of natural hormones when flooded with synthetic ones. The body's inability to make cortisol, another steroid, after therapy with synthetic glucocorticoids like prednisone is well-known. It is interesting to note that synthetic cortisone was also originally made from yams. Anti-inflammatory and estrogenic substances seem to occur together in the same plants.

Another problem created by ingesting synthetic single hormones is that an imbalance of hormones is created. It is probably this imbalance that accounts for many of the side effects. Estrogen causes the lining of the uterus to thicken; progesterone causes it to thin. The four-times greater risk of endometrial cancer in women taking estrogen drugs versus not taking them, may be due to continuous "grow" signals of estrogen without the "stop" signals of progesterone. Postmenopausal women are not only deficient in estrogen, they are deficient in progesterone and the androgen hormones (testosterone) as well. This underlines the fact that all estrogens are not the same, and estrogen alone is not an acceptable choice for most women.

Botanical Sources of Estrogen

In countries where phytoestrogens are consumed, women do not experience estrogen-related side effects, nor do they suffer the severe menopausal symptoms experienced by women who consume a Western diet. This knowledge has led to an explosion of plant-based estrogen and progesterone products on the American market. Unfortunately, many of these products do not contain enough phytoestrogen-containing herbs to do any good.

While the basis for most phytoestrogen products is soy beans or yams, (which are known to possess estrogenic and antiestrogenic activity), researchers at Advanced Health Group investigated every possible source of plants and herbs to come up with a product containing only those herbs with the highest content of phytoestrogens. All Natural Curves contains cofactors necessary for the conversion of the "phytoestrogens" found in plants into components that can be utilized by the human body.

Abstracts that Summarize the Effects of
Phytoestrogens in the Body

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