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What Our Customers Have to Say

I just want to report my results..

I did the initial 6 months and noticed pretty good results, but not what I had desired. I was a 34 loose B, then went to a tight B. Well, I called to talk to someone about what to do next, and was very impressed by a conversation with one of the owners. I cannot remember his name, but he was wonderful. He said to try another 6 months, but to take 4 of the larger capsules daily, add flax seed oil capsules and continue with one of the enzyme caps and use the gel.

Well, I am very happy to report I am now in a 34 C and it is tight! I love the product and being in the medical field, I have spread the word. There are several of my friends that are planning on doing the program as soon as their Christmas debt is satisfied some. I have noticed no side effects and I was very concerned about that to begin with. I work out regularly and have continued to lift weights with no problem. I eat what I want to and have only gained 3 pounds since I started the program in May.

My clothes (except some bras!) all fit the same. I think my weight gain was mostly muscle from the weight lifting. My pants fit the same. I was concerned that I would gain weight around the middle and hip area, but that has not happened. Thank you for all the help on the phone and the safe way the system works.

Now, I am going to be finishing with the 2nd round in about 7 weeks and am interested as to where I go from here. As I get closer to finishing, I will call in again. I just wanted you to know how I feel about my success!


Debby, Tucson, AZ
Received January, 21st 2002

Hi there Ken,

I have been using the product for almost 3 months now and I can definitely see a big improvement! My husband has actually noticed the difference...I look alot better in my clothes now and am very proud of the way I look. I was currently wearing a 32a with padded, I am wearing a 34b...not quite a full cup yet but I have another 3 months to go yet. Sometimes they feel bigger and fuller than other times but there is definitely growth! I am hoping to be on my way to a 34c! I am very confident!! It seems to be working for me...Isis didn't at all. I would say I have grown about 1 1/2 inches in just 3 months. Wow! I feel so good for a change. What do I have to do when the full six months are up? Do I order a supplement?


Hello. I have been using your product for about 2 months and am amazed to see it actually working. I just checked your website to see what I will need to do once my 3 month starter kit is finished, to keep my new bustline. Thank you for creating the miracle product I've been hoping for for years and hope to get my questions answered. I'll write you a satisfied customer blurb if you need more, if you take it from this, please don't use my name.


Celeste B.

It's been a bit over four weeks since I started the formula and I have been consistent regarding taking the pills and fairly consistent w/ using the gel. As you may remember from our conversation I was interested in the hormonal properties of the product due to depression and low energy. Well ...I am happy to say it has really helped me w/ those problems. Also I measured myself as you asked and I am approximately 1/2 inch larger, I look fuller than before I took the formula. A definite improvement. My skin is softer in general. I am very happy w/ this product and would definitely recommend it! I have to say I have been very pleased w/ all your products and you and Melissa have been very helpful and considerate. Thank you!!!! Sincerely,


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I was honestly on the verge of having breast implants. I was really nervous about it but I knew I had to do something. I came across your web site and thought I had everything to gain and nothing to lose by giving your product a try. In fact, I took your 90-day challenge. I didn't miss a day and now I've gone up two cup sizes. That's good enough for me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Joan S. San Diego, CA

I breast-fed my two babies because I knew it was the best thing for them. Unfortunately, it wasn't the best thing for me. I couldn't believe how my breasts just shriveled and died. I began to notice an improvement after using All Natural Curves for six weeks. Today, I've been on the product for 10 weeks and I'm truly amazed and grateful. My breasts are definitely getting back to their old shape and firmness. Just wanted to let you know and tell you that you've got a customer for life.

Helen K. Phoenix, AZ

Dear Advanced Health Group,

I've grown by an inch. I didn't believe it was possible. I feel sexier and I'm having a lot more fun.

Cindy J. New York, NY

I'm unashamedly telling everyone about All Natural Curves. I'm in my early fifties and I definitely needed a tone-up. Everything you say about this wonderful product is true. It's amazing. Thanks. It's worth every penny.

Hazel, St. Louis, MS

My husband can't believe it. I didn't tell him what I was doing and figured I would really know if it was doing anything, if he noticed anything. He sure did. It's put some magic back in our relationship, that's for sure.

Mary, West Palm Beach, FL

I went on your 90-day challenge (and, by the way, the free skin care system you sent me is awesome). I have gone from a 'B' to a 'C' and I feel like a new woman. I'm amazed at the difference in the way I feel about myself. And other people have noticed, too. I've already referred half a dozen people to you.

Hannah, Washington, DC

I'm on a limited budget but this is something I just had to do. I'm so glad I did. I'm fuller and firmer and it was the best investment of my life. Is there any way I can sell All Natural Curves? I know so many people who could benefit like me.

Maria, New Orleans, LA

I had to write and tell you about my results with your product. I started using the supplements and the gel about 4 weeks ago and already I have much more fullness in the top of my breasts with over an inch increase in size! I'm filling up my B cup for the first time since I can remember. I'm totally happy with the results. I can't wait to see what happens over the next 4 weeks. Neither can my husband! What a great product.


Boy, I never thought that these kind of products would work, but decided to give it a try anyway after reading about how it works on your web site. I learned so much from your site. I started using the capsules every day and tried to use the gel every day, but sometimes forgot. It didn't seem to matter that I missed some days with the gel, because I grew 1 1/2 inches in just over 5 weeks. Holy cow! This stuff really does work. My husband and I took before and after measurements so this is not just what I "think" happened. I didn't feel any tingling or soreness like some women claim, but I think that my breasts are firmer too. Thanks a lot.


You call your product All Natural Curves,,,,, I think you should call it un-All Natural Curves for me. I've always been small chested-a 34AA. After taking and using your products for just 2 weeks, I started feeling tightness in my breasts. Sure enough, after 3 weeks I can feel the difference in my bras (not like I really need to wear any!) This is really great! I think I'm on my way to a beautiful B cup, maybe even a C cup. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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