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Science Behind All Natural Curves

Hormone Balancing–the rest of the All Natural Curves story

Abstracts that Summarize the Effects of Phytoestrogens in the Body

The human breast possesses estrogen receptor sites which stimulate mammogenesis or the development of the mammary gland. These receptor sites are like a magnet attracting estrogen to them. Normally these receptor sites are activated by the body's own natural increase in hormone activity, primarily estrogen, during puberty resulting in breast tissue growth.

All Natural Curves contains no synthetic hormones, only natural "phytoestrogens." Phyto is from the Greek meaning "from a plant." Hence, phytoestrogen means a compound from a plant that displays estrogen-like activity in the body. Phytoestrogens include compounds such as: isoflavones, lignans, phytosterols, and saponins.

Modern nutrition science has discovered dozens of plants and herbs with phytoestrogenic activity, some more active than others. Many of these herbs have been used by herbalists and native cultures for hundreds of years to help relieve dozens of female "disease" symptoms. Some phytoestrogens are essential to hormone regulation; others trigger the release of various chemical messengers between nerves and neurotransmitters which are critical to emotional and mental well-being. Some assist in the regulation of fatty acid metabolism; others help to prevent "bad" estrogen (synthetic forms of estrogen) to be taken up by the same receptor sites, thus tending to protect the breast tissue from toxic damage and promoting healthy development. There is growing scientific acknowledgment that phytoestrogens are critical for the overall well-being for many women.

Unlike estrogen drugs, phytoestrogens have a balancing effect on the body. When estrogen levels are too low, their very mild estrogenic effects raises total estrogenic activity. When estrogen levels are too high, they compete with estrogen at cell membrane receptor sites, thus lowering total estrogenic activity in the body. And it is this condition of high estrogen levels, often referred to as "estrogen dominance" that many experts feel can lead to many of the serious side effects normally associated with synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

One of the important effects of phytoestrogens are their modulating
effect on hormones. All Natural Curves contains co-factors which balance, or regulate, the various hormones. When these factors are present, hormones can be synthesized and broken down evenly along the biochemical pathways.

When a co-factor (such as an enzyme) is missing, hormones will be biochemically converted down alternate pathways, resulting in an overabundance of some hormones and a deficit of others.

Even though there are dozens of plants and herbs that contain phytoestrogens, some contain more active components than others. Additionally, some phytoestrogens need to be used in larger quantities than others, so the proper blend is essential for best results. Advanced
Health Group's All Natural Curves combines exhaustive scientific research with professional expertise and knowledge to create the most effective phytoestrogenic product available.

Every ingredient in All Natural Curves has been carefully researched and analyzed for potency, synergistic effectiveness, and maximum assimilation.

Ingredients | Hormone Balancing-the rest of the All Natural Curves story

Abstracts that Summarize the Effects of Phytoestrogens in the Body

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