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Breast Implant Dangers

Just how dangerous are breast implants? Silicone gel implants were banned in 1992. Since then, saline implants have been the method of choice. But new research reveals some shocking dangers with them, too. The manufacturers themselves, in data presented to the FDA, recently admitted:

  • 60% of women with saline implants have complications within four years
  • 3% suffer leakage within three years causing a deflated implant
  • 8% of implants have to be removed within three years

Other risks include:

  • hardening of the breasts
  • loss of sensation in the nipple or breast
  • shifting of the implant from its original position
  • interference with mammography reading that may hamper cancer detection

On top of all this, says Judith Reichman, M.D., a regular contributor to NBC's Today Show, implants are a man-made prosthetic that have a shelf life. Most women will have to go through the whole procedure again–probably two or three times depending upon their age. The following article presented on the web site, in association with the Today Show, gives the best overview that our staff has seen of the dangers of breast implants.


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