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2nd Open Response Letter to:

Forever Yours International Concerning their "Us vs. Everything Else" Article as Posted on Their Website:

Well, it seems that our friends at Forever Yours International are at it again. Apparently the challenges I made in my open letter to them got some response. But they didn't take down their "Us vs. Them" article, they just rewrote it. For those of you who didn't see their first wildly misleading and somewhat amusing article, I've included it here, along with my responses to it.

I made 5 specific challenges to Forever Yours International in my first letter. Let's take a look at them one by one and see how Forever Yours International responded, and then take a look at an interesting customer letter I received after her experience with Forever Yours International.

1.) They claimed to be Erdic, the company whose formula they "knocked off," and whose sales statistics they quoted as though they were their own. They even exaggerated the actual sales numbers by almost a factor of 5.

Here's what they actually wrote: "And the only all natural plant and herb formula that's been developed to date that can do that is the Erdic formula (via Erdic UK or Forever Yours USA)..."

Apparently, one of two things happened. Either they suddenly "got religion" and rightly took off any false or misleading information they had written earlier regarding Erdic. Or, more likely, they got a letter from the real Erdic Company demanding that they take off any false or misleading information they had written earlier regarding Erdic. I suspect that it was the latter.

2.) They accused other companies of being "CopyCats" or "MeToos."

Here's what they actually wrote: "It's worse than if the "competition" (we use that term loosely because it implies comparable products with comparable results... just not so) were really saying, "Hey, there's really no difference between a bicycle and a Lexus for transportation; Look, they both have wheels, they both are all natural, they both have phytoestrogens, it's all the same... Look, Look, MeToo!, MeToo!"..."

Well, that whole paragraph is now gone too. Maybe even Forever Yours International had a hard time rationalizing being a copycat while pointing an accusing finger at other companies (wrongly).

Now, here's what they wrote in their latest diatribe: "To achieve true lasting breast enlargements using the lean (glandular) tissue in the breast, you must trigger Mammogenesis.. and the only all natural plant and herb formula that's been developed to date that can do that is the
"Original European Formula" - Forever Yours."

So, now they don't even try to hide the fact that they knocked-off the "Original European Formula." Who's the real "CopyCat"?

All Natural Curves is a 100% original, and highly-effective formula that uses state-of-the-art extraction technology, not a copy of a formula that is already years outdated.

3.) In their first fantasy piece, they misunderstood the process of mammogenesis. I corrected them, but apparently they still don't understand how their product works. They still believe that mammogenesis creates breasts that consist of just lean or glandular tissue. Guess what boys. Most breasts consist of some fatty tissue, and some breasts consist of a great amount of fatty tissue.

I guess your customer's breasts were created by a physiological process other than mammogenesis....

Oh, and I almost forgot this little gem from their latest piece. "Forever Yours is the only all natural plant and herb formula on the market that can trigger mammogenesis." This arrogant claim makes two erroneous assumptions, 1) that other herbal formulas, higher in their natural content of phytoestrogens than those found in Forever Yours (and there are plenty of them), just can't figure out how to trigger mammogenesis in the body (I guess those other herbs just didn't graduate from the Forever Yours Mammogenesis Program), and 2) assuming that the Forever Yours formula is the only formula that can trigger mammogenesis, there are no other products that have nearly identical formulas as a result of knocking off the "Original European Formula," like Forever Yours International did? Probably not. After all, Forever Yours is the only one, right? Didn't they just say that?

How about Breast Magic. Or Vanity. Or Phoenaz. And a dozen or so others that have tried to "ride on the back of the Erdic horse."

4.) I suggested in my first response to Forever Yours International that their whole article on "Us vs. Them," was an amateurish attempt to somehow justify their exorbitant price ($1,345 for 6 months of Forever Yours compared to $399.95 for our All Natural Curves).

I hold that their latest, somewhat less ridiculous article is a similar attempt. Let's see...... $1,345 or $360? Which one is the better value?

5.) In their first literary masterpiece, they attempted to support their spurious claims with reference to the "...Security of a Guarantee,..." I looked all over their web site, but could not find any guarantee. So I called their company and asked where it was. I was told it was on the website in a specific location. It wasn't there.

Well, guess what. The company who is so willing to point fingers and announce the allegedly egregious shortcomings of other companies, doesn't even have a guarantee. Ask yourself why companies don't guarantee their products? I wonder if Forever Yours has been in business for more than a couple of months to even be able to honor a guarantee if they had one? What are they scared of?

How comfortable does this make you feel?

  • company doesn't understand how their own product works
  • product knocked off from another company
  • product using ingredients far lower in natural concentrations of phytoestrogens than competitors
  • product priced 300% to 700% higher than competitors
    product that carries no guarantee
  • company that accuses other companies of being dishonest when it is they who have been duping customers into believing they are something they are not


Kenneth R. Hampshire

Kenneth R. Hampshire, is head of new product development at Advanced Health Group located in Aurora, CO. Advanced Health Group's natural breast enhancement product, All Natural Curves is one of the most effective, natural breast enhancement products available. It also carries a 100%, Lifetime Performance Guarantee.

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