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Hi Ken.

I was delighted to read your rebuttal to Forever Yours. When I first began searching for an all natural breast enhancement product, theirs was the first one I tried. I spent over $1000 for a 6 month program and I had absolutely no success. When I would call my "adviser" with Forever Yours, I got no suggestions or input from them. I find them to be an extremely unprofessional company.

I received this letter Tuesday, May 8, 2001 from a prospective customer. Seems she had just written her own letter to Forever Yours when she found my open letter and challenge on our homepage. Here is a complete copy of her letter to me. I have not posted her letter to Forever Yours as it is rather long, but her letter to me describes her experience sufficiently. If interested, I will forward a copy of her letter to Forever Yours to anyone upon request.-KH

To: info@Advanced Health

That pulled out certain statements from the "Forever Yours" website.(sic) When I first started reading, I was hysterical. Just a few days before I found this site, I wrote to Forever Yours. Although the content was different, the method was identical. Here's the story:

I had many problems with customer service and was fed up. I sent an e-mail describing my complaint. The "response" was unbelievable! I pulled out the most bothersome phrases from the e-mail "response" to me from Forever Yours, and commented on each one. I sent that back to them and haven't heard a peep.

Below is the content of my e-mail to them - to use as you wish - including my name - or whatever. I'll be ordering your product as soon as Forever Yours credits me the $500 plus smackers I gave them for, well, entertainment, I guess.

Loved your page,
Dianna M. Selgrath



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