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1st Open Response Letter to:

Forever Yours International Concerning their "Us vs. Everything Else" Article as Posted on Their Website:

Dear Forever Yours International:

One of my customers has asked me to comment on your "BUYERS BEWARE * DARE to COMPARE article posted on your corporate website which includes a picture of our product, All Natural Curves. I am happy to do so.

At some point, in every competitive industry, one or more companies tries to elevate their position by attacking all the other companies in their industry. Usually these are relatively young companies that find it hard to compete legitimately with their competitors given their obvious advantages of experience, expertise, larger sales, name recognition, etc. While I don't know the state of Forever Yours International in relation to these criteria, it appears that you are using many of the same tactics that companies that meet these criteria do.

I have decided to include, as part of my response, a copy of your article in its entirety as it is posted on the Forever Yours International website for reference purposes. I will respond to specific points in this article by paragraph rather than to the article as a whole. My opinion of your attempt at self-aggrandizement has already been made clear.


ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS LOOK FAMILIAR TO YOU? Well, if they don't, Read on... because you may One Day Find Yourself being Pitched One of these Products as a Natural Breast Enlarger... And you may very well Wish to Know then what you are about to Know Now...

There is a New One Every Week and, Inevitably, Some of you will be Prone to Choose a Product solely on its Initial Cost rather than its Merits or Real Value which, along with your many requests for such information on Product Differences, and even Program Differences, is why this page now exists for you...

KH: This line of thought (accurately pointing out long-term value vs. short-term value) is generally a good one when followed truthfully. However, Forever Yours International apparently has some difficulty discerning, in its words, "...Merits or Real Value...," as we'll see a little later.

And No, this is Definitely NOT a section dedicated to "Competition" Bashing, for those of you who would rather be professionally OR politically correct rather than discuss the merits of the facts, which IS what this section is dedicated to... Relevant Information and Correcting Confusion... (Would you not be upset that we did not inform you completely of the paradigm in which you are attempting to quantify?... and secondly, Some of you would not even know to ask...)

Instead, this is meant to be an expose' of sorts of all the products on the market including ours, some of their origins, what they claim, what they actually do, how they do it, and all the primary differences... And the reason, again, we feel this is necessary, you may ask, is?

We have had much communication requested from lots of you concerned about the differences in this program and the dozen or so other natural products that claim, basically, the same thing... to Enlarge your Breasts...

First of all, the KEY WORD here is BASICALLY... In actuality, the ONLY real similarities that all these products have in common are that they are, indeed, typically, all natural formulas of some variety of herbs and plant extracts and they all come in a container/packaging with a pretty label of some kind... Seems Similar (sic) enough, huh? Unfortunately, It Stops Right There...

To Achieve True Lasting breast enlargement using the lean (glandular) tissue in the breasts, you must trigger Mammogenesis... And the only all natural plant and herb formula that's been developed to date that can do that is the Erdic formula (via Erdic UK or Forever Yours USA)...

KH: Well, we have partial truths here. Mammogenesis is the term used for describing the development of the mammary gland and associated structures, i.e. fat, lobes, ducts, nipple and areola, and connective tissue. So normal breast development during puberty includes more than just the glandular tissue of the breast as you would assert in your article. Further from the truth, is the assertion that the Forever Yours International product is the only natural plant and herb formula that can induce that development.

Dozens of plants and herbs are known to contain various phytoestrogens (compounds that mimic the effect of estrogen in the body). To suggest that products containing sufficient amounts of phytoestrogens other than those phytoestrogens contained in the Forever Yours International product cannot trigger mammogenesis is absurd. In fact, it can be argued that many products available contain much higher levers of active phytoestrogens than those found in the Forever Yours International product.

Certainly, my company's product, All Natural Curves, is one of them. You should be more careful in your assertions of truth here. Someone may challenge you to a controlled, side-by-side test to see if your product can compare to some of the other products on the market that you claim CANNOT trigger mammogenesis! In fact, I'd love to take you up on that one.

Now, about this reference to Erdic UK within the same parenthesis as Forever Yours USA while you're discussing the Erdic formula... Are you promoting Erdic here or the Forever Yours International product? Reputable companies promote their own product when extolling the virtues of its formula or performance capabilities. This is as it should be. However, you seem to praise the Erdic formula, even suggesting that you have or are the source of this "wonderful" formula here in the U.S.

You never mention that your company or your formula have nothing to do with Erdic. And you don't have anything to do with them. I called the legal department of Erdic in London, and they told me that they had never heard of you. So what are you trying to accomplish here? I may be wrong, but it seems to be forthright and ethical to promote one's own product, formula, or track record. To extol the virtues of another company or product and then lead people to believe that your product is "just as good" or better, is misleading at best, and fraudulent at worst.

You may want to check your literature before the REAL Erdic people track you down. By the way, I did give the Erdic legal department your website URL, as seen at the beginning of this article. They will probably wonder about a number of things you mention on your website not the least of which is how you have sold product to over half a million customers, when Erdic, the company whose formula you copied and sales statistics you quote for your own credibility, only claims 100,000+ customers worldwide.

Did you happen to keep an invoice or some sort of record from each of your customers?

So, unless you are currently experiencing either puberty or pregnancy, which is triggered by your body releasing certain hormones, you are Not going to be experiencing mammogenesis... No Ifs, Ands, OR Buts... Nothing else even comes close...

KH: Well, you're close but not totally correct. The mammogenesis that occurs during puberty results in the increase of fat and connective tissue. No development of the secretory tissues occurs at this time. Extensive lobuloalveolar development occurs only during pregnancy. It takes increased levels of both estrogen and progesterone for the kind of lobuloalveolar development that occurs during pregnancy.

That is why this type of breast development does not occur during the menstrual cycle when only one of these hormones is elevated at a time. Are you suggesting that the Forever Yours International product induces the same physiological processes that normally occurs only during pregnancy?

It's worse than if the "competition" (we use that term loosely because it implies comparable products with comparable results... just not so) were really saying, "Hey, there's really no difference between a bicycle and a Lexus for transportation; Look, they both have wheels, they both are all natural, they both have phytoestrogens, it's all the same... Look, Look, MeToo!, MeToo!"...

KH: I think you use plenty of things "loosely" in your assertions. Seems pretty strange to me for a company who admits to "knocking off" someone's else's formula while using that company's sales statistics, to then accuse other companies of being "MeToo's"!

Well, stop looking and start analyzing because, at least, with the bicycle, you can still, eventually, get where you wanted to go... With CopyCats and MeToos, you get left beside the road with an empty bag and more to the point, an empty bra... So, now that you know, don't fall for it...

Once again, let us be Clear... this formula known worldwide as the Original European Formula (International AKA Cerdic), in Europe as Erdic & in the USA as Forever Yours is currently the ONLY all natural plant & herb formula on the market that is capable of triggering Mammogenesis...

KH: There's that Erdic/Forever Yours International confusion again. Here you say that Forever Yours International is the same as Erdic in Europe. Later you claim that your formula produces results 50% faster. Which is it fellas? Are you really the same as this supposed "miracle" formula you quote throughout your entire article, or are you just a knock-off product? Almost makes one think you're trying to make us believe something that's not true...

And just so you also know, the "Cerdic" formula was the first of what has become an Industry of all natural breast enhancers... there was no such thing before a Holland physician accidentally (sic) discovered it researching nutritional formulations that could help aid in the prevention of common breast cancers resulting from toxic estrogen buildup and concentrations in the breasts...

KH: Okay, so this "Cerdic" formula, marketed here in the "USA as Forever Yours" (there's that confusion again), was the first of the all natural breast enhancers. Maybe that's true, but it's immaterial. Is the first of anything necessarily the best or most effective? Improvements come with time in any industry, this one is no different. Should we all get rid of our PC's and buy old Altaire computers because they were the first real personal computer? Remember that challenge I made earlier?

The only other formula claiming credible evidence to induce mammogenesis and to be all natural, which is a stretch because by their definition so is fossile (sic) fuels (but you wouldn't ingest that, we hope) is NOT derived from plants and herbs, but is made from bovine ovaries which is a fancy covert term for cow hormones, said to induce mammogenesis... ok...

KH: "The only other formula claiming 'credible' evidence...." What statistics make this other unnamed formula and the Forever Yours International product credible? Are you kidding? Do you imagine that full-blown, double-blind studies have been conducted on your product to establish the credibility you claim? Or am I mistaken in the belief that these studies don't really exist? Perhaps you could post them on your website to clear up any confusion. After all, isn't that the stated purpose of your article here? Only the Erdic formula has "credible evidence," you say. But the Forever Yours International product is not the Erdic formula is it? Or is it?

Well, we don't know that much about it, actually, in terms of success rates and long term effects, etc., because we specialize in nutrition, and cow hormones, thank God, Do NOT fall in the nutritional all natural health category, but then again, neither does fossile fuels...

All we can say regarding their claims is, "If it works, take at your own risk, but please don't date other humans or procreate until you know for sure what it is you've done to yourself or what it is you've become... everyone thanks you..."

KH: As far as this other product being unnatural... Do you consider animal tissue to be unnatural? Glandulars (animal organs) have been used as food or medicinals for thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of years. Could you explain a little more fully why you state that these substances, which are classified under the same GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) guidelines by the FDA as plant-derived substances, are dangerous and likely to cause genetic disorders (as you imply in your article).

I don't use glandulars in All Natural Curves either because of some long-term health concerns I have about them. But my opinion is only that, opinion. I think your statements here are totally unsupported and used only to incite fear in an unknowing public. This is especially condemning to you here because you claim to be taking the "moral high road" by claiming to state only facts in your article. You then use this "holier than thou" position to legitimize your own product that obviously can't compete on its own merits in the marketplace. Ever heard the name Jimmy Swaggert or Jim Bakker?

Regardless, while the "Metoo" hormone balancers and fertility formulas (most of which are listed for you on the right) have been historically known to produce some temporary size fluctuations, and can sometimes produce a slight increase similar to that you would experience during your monthly cycle; for the Average person they are NOT going to produce the kinds of results you would consider an actual alternative to augmentation or implants...

KH: How do you suppose your product works? Are you suggesting that you know which specific phytoestrogen produces true mammogenesis and which ones produce "temporary size fluctuations." Which phytoestrogens are those? And what proof do you have that allows you to declare that any other product is "NOT going to produce the kinds of results you would consider an actual alternative to augmentation or implants..." I wait with bated breath...

And what that is, mainly, or should be is that most of you want something that is going to last at least about as long as implants would to be considered an alternative (this alone rules out all the rest because they require maintenance for life... Why? They can't & don't trigger mammogenesis, period)...

KH: " last at least about as long as implants would..." Can we get a little more vague here? Are you suggesting that once women take your product, that their breasts will look the same ten years from now as they do today? Phytoestrogens create new breast tissue, both glandular and fatty tissue. The consistency of these two types of tissue have a demonstrably different feel, with the glandular tissue being more dense.

This difference in density is what serves as the basis for mammographic imaging. Over time, glandular tissue is replaced by fatty tissue which is more fluid. Hence, with time, the normal appearance of the breast changes. Phytoestrogens tend to "push back" the clock for the appearance of the breast, but it cannot stop it.

A good herbal breast enhancement product will tend to make your breasts look and feel like you were 10 to 15 years younger. Even the Forever Yours International product will likely bring about this effect if enough of the product is used for a long enough period of time.

Secondly, most of you DON'T want to add something drearily permanent like pill taking or rubbing creams to your already hectic schedules every day for the rest of your life OR every other month for life;

KH: Most other products including our own, don't require maintenance for life. They simply suggest that taking phytoestrogens on a regular basis will help preserve any new breast growth (properly), and provide many other health benefits. Many women who have included phytoestrogens in their diet have reported more youthful looking breasts than their sisters, girlfriends, etc.

Besides, even if you could or you would, you are going to wind up spending many more $1000s over a lifetime... So it shouldn't even be an economic issue for you, unless you've already figured that in our favor...

KH: Most of our customers and most of all herbal breast enhancement products discontinue usage after the recommended usage period, usually 90 to 180 days. So, your "lifetime" arguments are just an attempt to justify a much higher price than other products including All Natural Curves. I would encourage all prospective herbal breast enhancement customers to investigate pricing on all products. I can certainly understand your attempts to explain your exorbitant price. My suspicion is that most customers see right through your explanation.

Most herbal products will work if enough of the product is used for long enough. The major difference in products is how much active phytoestrogens they contain. The "maintenance" concept is just as applicable for the Erdic, Forever Yours International, or any other product.

Thirdly, you are going to want a product or program that allows YOU to CHOOSE what size you will end up, not genetics (after all, isn't that the reason you're online looking for some help?)...

KH: Well now, this assertion is truely an astounding one. Genetics no longer determine body traits like breast size? How about hair color (Clairol notwithstanding)? Or eye color? While not a controlling factor, most researchers believe genetics to be one of many determinants of a woman's breast size.

But let me see if I understand your claim. If I am a woman with an "A" cup size breast, I can decide to become a woman with a "D" cup size breast if I just take your product long enough. Perhaps this is another point you forgot to put in your guarantee... Or do you not guarantee your product?

NONE of which will you find with any other natural formula on the market... Most of them will readily admit to these shortcomings, others will Not... It hast (sic) to be up to you to hold them to the fire on this... We can't keep you from being duped... But we can give you the information you need to make informed decisions for yourselves because one thing is for sure...

Sooner or Later you will end up Here or Nowhere at all; either after the Expensive mistake of years of Implants OR after dealing with the frustration of natural products high on claims that don't produce meaningful lasting results... And who knows... You might be so cynical about everything by then, you don't ever even try the one program that could give you exactly what you want/wanted which is...

KH: "...after dealing with the frustration of natural products high on claims that don't produce meaningful lasting results..." Hummmm. Seems like your reference to "claims" is a bit misdirected. Some companies like mine, Advanced Health Group, don't make claims. We don't have so called "before and after" pictures on our website either. Claims and pictures are manufactured every day in this business. We make guarantees.

I get this one all the time. It's easy for companies who have no intention of offering a guarantee or only a weak guarantee to try to accuse other companies of making false claims. Well my friends, where is your guarantee? You say you have a guarantee in your literature, but I couldn't find it in your website. Your employee even told me where to go on your website to find it when I called, but it wasn't there. Can anybody else find it? Where's Waldo?

If you'd like to see a real guarantee, go to our website and find out how to write the proper language in a clear, straightforward manner that puts your money where your mouth is. It's

To have shapely, firmer, larger, natural looking breasts; To have a choice in deciding how much you want to grow; To NOT have to worry about risks to your future in terms of your health, economics, and insurance coverages; To NOT have to worry about ongoing maintenance... then you really ONLY have ONE Choice in Formulas...

The ORIGINAL EUROPEAN FORMULA for Bigger Better Breasts (International AKA Cerdic)...

KH: Gee guys, you might have escaped the legal wrath of the real Erdic company if you hadn't made that last statement. Are you "The ORIGINAL EUROPEAN FORMULA for Bigger Better Breasts"? Or is that Erdic? I'm sorry, I didn't notice your disclaimer or the phrase "Used with Permission by Erdic" in your article.

ADD on top of that: the fastest average growth rates (@50% faster than the Erdic UK version according to their web site information), American-made Quality in FDA quality controlled manufacturing facilities, Ergonomic Design for easier swallowing, Extended shelf-life packaging, Personalized Professional Support Services, Lowest overall Cost, Security of a Guarantee, and an Industry whopping 99%+ success rate, then you ONLY have ONE Choice in Brands...

KH: Okay fellas, this is getting too ridiculous for even you. I'll make you a deal. If you can verify that you've conducted even half of the 500,000+ sales of this product you claim at a 99+% success rate, I'll remove this posting, publicly apologize for doubting your integrity, and pay you $10,000. There isn't an herbal product on the face of the planet that has a 99+% success rate. Do you suppose that customers might find it a little "funny" that you are the only company that claims success rates anywhere close to this 99+% number? Obviously you agreed with P. T. Barnum. (Remember, the one of circus fame, a new sucker born every minute...).

The FOREVER YOURS BRAND... American Made, the New and Improved Cerdic Formula... And we're so Confident in our New and Improved Formula, we will Challenge you to Order One Month of Forever Yours USA and One Month of Erdic UK... If you don't then agree Forever Yours USA is a Better Product/Program for Bigger Better Breasts, we will Buy your next month of Erdic UK...

If you have any additional questions concerning product differences, please address it in an email to us...
No Emails go Unanswered... A Response to All and to All a Response (Online Staff Motto)... thank you...

KH: This response to your little diatribe has been posted on our website. Drop by and have a look if you like.

By the way, just leave the picture of our product, All Natural Curves, on your website. I am much more proud to be associated with most of the companies you have listed there than I am Forever Yours International. Our product's picture will also continue to serve as a very clear statement to every potential customer as to your company's integrity.


Kenneth R. Hampshire

Kenneth R. Hampshire, is head of new product development at Advanced Health Group located in Aurora, CO. Advanced Health Group's natural breast enhancement product, All Natural Curves is one of the most effective, natural breast enhancement products available. It also carries a 100%, money-back guarantee.

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Forever Yours International Concerning their "Us vs. Everything Else" Article as Posted on Their Website:

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